Сargo shipping company is your one-stop shop for international shipping and logistics needs.

Providing ship containers

Our team has extensive experience in container transportation.

At the same time, our company provides 20-foot sea containers for rent for transporting goods from Asia, Central Asia to Europe, North and South America. We are setting up logistic bridges between Asia and Europe.

We are delighted to provide you with our own fleet of sea containers for transporting various cargoes, including class 7 cargo.

Transport of goods CLASS 7 UN 2912

Allintlog also specializes in transporting CLASS 7 UN 2912. The company is a member of WNTI ( .

Our company adheres to all standards from the IAEA. CLASS 7 UN 2912 cargo transportation is very important for the world and allows us to comply with all ESG standards.

Our company has extensive experience in delivering class 7 cargo to Canada, France, Argentina, India and the USA.

Maritime Agency Services

As an independent maritime agency service provider, we are committed to delivering professional, friendly services, expert advice and competitive rates to all our customers. Our in-depth local knowledge and understanding of the shipping world ensures we will provide high quality, cost-effective maritime agency services.

With over 5 years experience in handling all types of vessels including container ships, bulk vessels, tankers, offshore support and construction vessels, navy vessels and even cruise ships, we have the expertise and network of contacts to provide shoreside coverage for owners and operators requirements every day of the year.

Truck Shipping

Our company renders cargo transportation services in all directions.

We carry out international road freight of both full and partial loads in regular mode, as this service is in great demand among our customers.

Air Shipping

The advantage of air transportation of international cargo is its speed: it is the fastest, most simple and convenient way of delivery.

Allintlog has reliable partnership relations with the world's largest airlines and can guarantee the delivery of cargo in the shortest possible time.

Railway Shipping

Our company provides cargo railway transport from China and Europe, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

One of the key Allintlog directions is railway transportation of oversized and heavy cargo that is the most complex and responsible challenge for us. For instance, registrations of the corresponding documentation, development and coordination of the sketch/drawing of placement of freight, loading, fastening and ensuring safety of freight at all stages of work.

Port and Vessel Agency

Vessel and Port agencies form a large part of Allintlog service offering and we are proud to offer our customers first class vessel and port agency services at cost effective fees and favorable local charges. With a strong local presence in the various countries, the Supermaritime Group handles over 30 vessel and port agencies per year.

Stevedoring, Cargo Handling

Allintlog provides Stevedoring, Cargo-Handling and Storage Solutions in various locations globally and has extensive experience generated by its experienced set of industry professionals combined with its focused service / solution offerings in the stevedoring / cargo-handling industry.

We deliver on our promises with day-to-day activities that represent value for money, quality, continuity, innovation and maximum reach, offering services in stevedoring, specialized materials handling services, surface transportation, pipe / yard management, lashing & securing services, warehousing and (project) cargo management.